Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The vacation is over....

Well, my vacation time is coming to an end and I am back to work tomorrow. I think that we as a family have finally gotten this setting up and taking down of the camp site down to a pretty good science. Everything went smoothly this year, speaking personally I never had to put myself into "time out" so it was a good week for me. My family was the only one that brought a non family member this year, but we did take a vote and JJ was voted back so it went well having him there. He really got along well with everybody, even taking on the responsibility of taking the kids down to the beach by himself. Some of us got the opportunity to go kayaking this year and it was a good experience, not sure if I would do it again at the same place but I would try it in different places though.

As for the home stuff things are still where they were at the last post. My job seems to be ever changing, I am never sure of the days or the hours that I am working but I do have a job and for that I am grateful. Stacie is doing well and I believe she is starting a new derby league here in the tri-cities. I want to say that they are going to have a home bout (in Hermiston) sometime in September but I will post more about that when I have more information. Jared, well I have nothing to report about him at this time. I haven't seen or heard from him since he left the house respecting his request for no contact. It weighs heavily on my heart but I have to let him do his thing and hope that at some point he will want to re-establish our relationship. Casey really enjoyed the trip to the coast, when he worked his first shift after coming home he was at work for a whole 20 minutes he was wishing he was back at the beach! Shane is still busy both framing and working on his other company, getting things together so it can be a successful venture.

I am wanting some feedback on what the Thanksgiving plans are for this year, I have actually been told that if I wanted to have Thanksgiving off this year that the other secretary will actually work it (this is the first time since I have worked at the hopsital that she has not been the one requesting it off!). If there is anything significant going on then I will take advantage of this offer, if not I do get paid very well for working on a holiday and it falls on my "normal" scheduled day. Like I previously stated, my days are kind of up in the air right now, but it would be what my normal day would be in a perfect schedule. Let me know if a comment and I will make sure that mom is in on whatever anybody knows.

I hope that all is well will all, and will keep all of you updated as things happen in my life, oh the suspense ROFLMAO.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Stuff

Wanted to give you all an update on what is going on in my family and life. I am still working at the hospital full time and trying to pick up extra shifts if I can which I do for money, not love. Out of 9 days I worked 7 of them and considering that I work 12 hour shifts I am a very tired person after that!
Shane is still framing and is still working on getting his new business up and running. He works very hard at both of these and hopefully it will pay off after all he is putting into it. He is very fortunate to have a person to work with that can spend all his times and efforts in trying to make this new business a success. I know that I don't always see eye to eye with Tim; however he is so very loyal to Shane and to make this business work that I have nothing bad to say.
Stacie has moved into her own place and continues to work full time at SIGN. She has also made the decision not to skate with the Atomic City Roller Girls any more, too much drama going on with this group on girls, but she is still full steam ahead with derby. She is out of town pretty much every weekend skating with whatever team needs her. So far she has gone to Seattle, Chehalis (sp?), and Spokane, maybe even more that I don't know about. By her doing this I rarely get to see her but she does come over and have lunch on her break seeing how my house is very close to her work so when I am not at work I try to be home to at least get to chat with her a little.
Jared is still working full time at Dairy Queen. Up until last night he was still living at home, but that doesn't mean that I saw him that often. He and one of his friends have been mowing lawns on the side and they always seem to be together. We came to the decision last night that it would be in the best interest of everyone that he moved out but it wasn't a easy decision. My heart is breaking due to the fact that even though he was part of the decision process he has decided it is all my fault and that he no longer has parents. He has now started addressing me by my first name and doesn't want me to talk to him at all. My hope is that one day he will realize that what he thinks is fact is truly not. I just hope that he doesn't stay this angry for too long but only time will tell.
Casey is in his "summer schedule", which means that he stays up until around 4 a.m. and sleeps until noon or one in the afternoon. He is also working at Dairy Queen, but opposite shifts from Jared. He really enjoys being able to make his own money and to be able to buy things on his own.
As for the coast, at this point it looks like Casey and myself are going to be able to make it. The "draft" copy of the schedule is out and I am off for that time. I do have to work four days straight up until the 2nd to make this happen so when we actually get down to the coast I will be the one that has absolutely no energy or drive. Oh well I guess I will have a few days to laze around and read and kick it at the beach:-) I am trying to work at Shane to come with, but it probably won't happen.
We went out on the water yesterday with Shane's parents and our neice Emma and her brother Eli. We also took Tyler because he really wanted to wakeboard by himself but he ended up not going with Shane or even trying by himself, regardless he had a good time on the boat and had fun playing with the other kids. We were out for five and a half hours, much longer than we usually do. The water was awful, choppiest stuff ever. At the end of the day Casey and both felt like we were on the whale watching boat the way the river was swelling it was crazy! Casey took one run on the wakeboard, and Shane and Eli went out together. This was our first attempt at giving wakeboarding a shot with Eli. They got right up but soon crashed and Eli was then done for the day, but I think that we can get him back on the board again! It was a great time just floating and hanging out on the water with my in laws, we don't get much of a chance to spend time with them so we enjoyed it. All of us came home sunburnt, that is those of us that didn't put sunscreen on, but we were all tired and happy.
I think that is all I have to update for now, I hope all of you are doing well and look forward to spending time with you at the coast in a couple of weeks or so.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Bout is over!

So the bout yesterday was awesome, wish you all could have been there to see it! I was asked by Stacie to work in the "penalty box" so to speak. I got to time all the girls that had penalties so I learned alot more about the sport that Stacie is so passionate about. It was alot of fun and I had the opportunity to meet alot of different people by doing this.
THE ACRG's (a.k.a. The Atomic City Roller Girls) won their first bout since they have started almost two years ago and I was there to witness this! It was so awesome to see the excitement on the faces of these women who go out there several times a week to practice and who have suffered some injuries to participate in this sport. The day was cloudy and rain threatened to come down at any time during the bouts, but once these ladies won their first bout I am not sure if it was their smiles that were beaming or what but the sun broke out right about that time and was shining down on the rink. Now I didn't go to the after party, but I am sure that some of these people that did may still be going at it, and I say party on. You worked so hard and to see it finally pay off is awesome! I believe that the next bout that I go to, I will offer to keep time again. It was fun to get to see the different personalities of the girls on the other teams and I got pretty darn good at it, even when I had three at a time!
Can't wait for the next bout. I think that Stacie said that they are planning on another bout somewhere locally again in August so when I know more I will post about it. You should try to come out of you are free, it is fun and you will get to understand the sport a little bit more;-)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Stacie's first "home" bout

Just wanted to let you all know that Stacie, Atomic City Roller Girls, are having their first home bout this Saturday! It starts at 3:00 and is supposed to be over around 8:00. It is at the outdoor rink at Grange Park, by the library in Kennewick on Union Street. The cost to get in is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children and vets. These bouts are a blast to watch, there is no way you can watch without getting into it full boar as I found out after going to my first bout. It is high energy and full of action! If you can come out and support your local derby girls, and my sweet innocent daughter while they skate their booties off.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Nothing new to say just wanted to say SSDD.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just wanted to keep you (as if anybody really reads this) up to date on some happenings with us. I have gone back to working my three days a week for twleve hour shifts. My hours are from seven a.m. until seven thirty p.m. I don't have "set days" that I am scheduled; however I usually work Thursday, Friday, Saturday three weeks out of the month. The other week I work Wednesday through Friday. I am not sure if that is how things are going to stay because the last secretary that was hired may be going to work some hours in a different unit, but who knows at this point. This obviously means that I didn't get the job that I had interviewed for, but all the people that I work with are seriously happy to see that I am still with them. I guess I should be happy that I have made their jobs easier,errr better?
Casey got a job at Dairy Queen and he will be working with Jared. Actually Jared works there full time on the day shift, but he will probably be the one training Casey seeing how they are talking about making him a "crew leader". Casey already had a health card so he is one step ahead of the game. He thought he had a job with his friend JJ working for JJ's uncle's resturant that he opened but it seems like he was just kind of used to help get the resturant cleaned up and ready to open. This guy told him that he still has a job, but he has to wait until business picks up. We suggested that he keep applying to different places because he is driving and Mommy is getting tired of filling up the Expedition for his little monkey butt.
Jared is back home and has adopted a totally new attitude. He is keeping his room clean and is paying rent! He isn't around too much, but he is around alot more than he was before our big blow out. Life is good at home.
Stacie is doing well. She had the chance to go to Canada for a derby bout last weekend and that was a good experience for them. It wasn't easy, there were alot of inconsitancies with the calls that were being made, or not being made, by the refs. While she was gone we got to have the puppies all weekend as Jon was working (he works out of town). I enjoyed having them at the house and spoiled them buying them toys and what not. They were a bit unsetteled because they missed their "parents" and couldn't figure out why they had not come back to get them. Neither of them ate very much the whole three days and that made me sad. I think that if they could talk they would have said "this is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here!". My dogs got even more neurotic than they already were, and my cat never stopped growling unless we locked her up in our room to give her a break. The puppies are not aggressive with her at all and she has never had a problem with our dogs, but there is just something about "different dogs" to her.
I am going to try and be a supportive aunt today and finally make it to some soccer games. It is sunny and beautiful out so this seems like the day to do it!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Guess what today is??? I know most of you are thinking that it is my wedding anniversary, which it is in fact, but today is the day that I finally took down my Christmas tree. Just when my family thought it would stay up until this coming Christmas....... All it took was for my husband to forget about the fact that it was our anniversary. Now most of you are thinking that no big deal men forget this date all the time right???? Consider that this is the only thing that my husband actually celebrates and then it kinda becomes a sore subject for me. Kinda like if your spouse didn't get you anything for your birthday or Christmas combined. I knew that all it would take was for me to get super pissed off about something and I would go like a woman possessed and take the tree down and it finally happened. To think I turned down going out to dinner with the girls because I have never been let down by my husband on this one day of the year. Now I am at home whining and sulking thinking about what leftovers we will be eating because I had no intention of making dinner. I am done complaining, for now, and I will now make an attempt to put on a somewhat smiley face and go upstairs to make the rest of my family happy.